This guide and resource library contains all the information you need to design and write with HandSkills. We created it to be a central source of truth and includes detailed answers on how to use everything from our logos and colors to our typography and content. When everyone follows the same guidelines, we ensure our brand and the experiences it creates are consistent, accessible, and most importantly.

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We love to collaborate—even with those outside of the HandSkills team. As we grow, it’s becoming more difficult for different teams—internal and external—to stay updated with the latest brand designs. Use this guide to get the latest in our visual identity and your work will always feel fresh.

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In form, the HandSkills logo consists of several parts:
1. Circle: Means world ball, universal, and comprehensive.
2. In a circle there are two symbols, namely the symbol equal to the top showing infinity. This symbol raises the problem of the brand ‘HandSkills’ which is centered on creativity, with this symbol HandSkills has meaning not limited in ideas, creativity, and innovation. This symbol is closely related to the meaning of other HandSkills.
3. Under the symbol, there is the word Hand-Skills which is the name of the brand. Under the word HandSkills there is a small word stored, namely ‘creative project’. This has become a basic spirit of keywords and has become the foundation of the HandSkills movement, which is always working on all creative projects. Not only limited in the world of design, but all things and other creative properties.

Colors and Vendors

HandSkills uses the main color, namely black and white in the logo.
The black color brings the impression of elegance and tends to be professional, and exclusive. While the white color is the basic color, and the most important component of coloring.
This means that HandSkills is a service that can be trusted, able to give color, make changes and progress for each customer.

Besides black and white, HandSkills has color in each division owned:

HandSkills Market at HandSkills Brand

1. HandSkills Market: which uses orange, is the color taken from the sky of the rising sun. HandSkills Market is the spearhead of the HandSkills division, HandSkills Market is the starting point for using HandSkills services, and HandSkills wants to show the impression of warmth, freshness, and open a better new day to clients who trust HandSkills as their business partner.

HandSkills Mail at HandSkills Brand

2. HandSkills Mail: which uses red, is a color of enthusiasm and courage. Undeniably, selling via email is important and worth doing. Because almost every business has email as a means of communication in doing business and interacting with clients. HandSkills mail which is part of the client when ordering services in HandSkills. Encouraging our clients to be enthusiastic and have an optimistic attitude in selling and marketing their products via email.

HandSkills Cloud at HandSkills Brand

3. HandSkills Cloud: who uses blue, blue when talking the sky, then he will look tall, and when talking the sea, he will look inside. Besides that the blue color gives a friendly impression.

HandSkills Design at HandSkills Brand

4. HandSkills Portfolio: In this branch, HandSkills uses pink. Pink symbolizes love. The HandSkills Portfolio is the main service that HandSkills offers, with the hope that HandSkills always provides full-hearted service to every client.

5. HandSkills Developer: At HandSkills developer, the color described is soft blue. Blue is the basic color of a living system. HandSkills Developer is a symbol of technological advances that HandSkills has. Because HandSkills’ commitment is when the client orders the design for HandSkills, the client will get a full range of technology services that HandSkills has provided.

6. HandSkills Preneur: HandSkills will never feel great, when HandSkills are unable to provide benefits to the community. HandSkills give a black impression. Black is the color of ink to write, HandSkills hopes to become ink that can write itself to world history. Through training and dedication that HandSkills gives to people who love HandSkills.