Grow Sales with Senmel Mail

You enter an era, where technology makes things easier. Including increasing your sales through the tools and emails that we provide

Senmel Mail Features

Insert link and buttton link in your email

Make it easier for your customers to connect with your business with the feature of adding buttons to your email column

Break code and copy paste as your email template

Get more email templates by opening the incoming message code from your message box and pasting it into your message column

Add multiple account and identities

Senmel Mail allows you to enter all your e-mail addresses in one session

Import contact to your Senmel account

Import all your contacts and marketing targets from the outside to your Senmel account

Highly security login and message encryption

Senmel Mail is equipped with a layered security system, creating entry sessions using a two-step encryption system

Connect Senmel with your gmail and facebook account

Get login access easier by connecting your Senmel account with the gmail or facebook account that you have

Not for business?

Senmel Mail is also available for personal use. With the direct message feature and talk through your group or community

Analysis with advanced features

See more accurate and sophisticated analysis, monitor message traffic and have fun with the communication you build with features from Senmel Mail

Connect with Facebook

Find a more fun style when communicating with your friends or business associates

Senmel Mail with Better Theme

Now Senmel Mail is available with a better theme. More friendly, more features, more attractive appearance and layout.


Senmel Mail Hack

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